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Let us try to wipe out tears from the eyes of every poor, share the sentiments of helpless and ignored persons and feel the presence of God.

 Self Employment
 Education & Literacy
 Health & Education
 Emergency Help
 Other Activities
Women at Shraddha
Kids at Education


Women Self Employment Program (WSEP)

Free for all women

More than 100 women have taken advantage and few of them have become self reliant

 Education & Literacy 
Image: As part of the response to the East Africa food crisis in 2006, Oxfam distributed to 16,540 vulnerable households in Tanzania drought resistant seeds which mature in just 70 days. Credit: Maite Alvarez/ Oxfam

Education & Literacy

Free tuition class to all poor kids

Free Hindi exam from Gujarat Vidyapeeth

Books and guidance to all poor person

More than 200 student have taken advantage

 Health Care & Education 

Health & Education

Free Health check to all poor

Free medicine if available

Free consultant

Health education camp on Thalassemia, AIDS are planned


Global Warming Awareness Program (GWAP) is launched by Shraddha International to make aware common person for global warming

    This organization is committed for honesty, openness and transparency.

    We have very limited resources and we are in urgent need of funds to accelerate the activities of Shraddha.

    Your donation will give moral boost to the organization and many poor women and kids will get benefits directly.

    Your donations are exempted under income tax act 80G, Govt. of India.
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